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Cheap Vax Vacuum Cleaners

Welcome to Cheap Vax Vacuum Cleaners - We have all the very best offers and deals on Vax cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners.

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Currys have hundreds of household appliances with fast UK delivery. Get the very best Vacuum cleaner and Vax offers and deals from the UK's number one electrical retailer. Curry's have a wide range of cleaning products including the very latest Vax vacuums and vacuum cleaners and wet and dry carpet washers.


Vax Vacuum Cleaners

Vax are synonymous for their expertise in carpet washing and cleaning. Vax have transferred their knowledge and extended their range into the dry floor care market. With over 100 products in Vas'x range and continual product development they now have a floor care solution to meet every need. VZL-201 Swift Zero Bagless upright, VZL-501 Turboforce Zero Bagless upright, V-049 Quicklite Compact 2, V-045 Quicklite WideTrack, V-045S Quicklite WideTrack, V-046S Quicklite Compact, V-047 Quicklite FoldAway.

V-044 Cadence, V-044T Cadence, V-043 Power Reach, VS-19U Swift, VS-19RU Swift, VS-19BU Swift, VS-190 Swift, VS-190U Swift Ultra, VS-190R Swift Reach, VS-190P Swift Pet, Vax VS-190C Swift Complete, VS-193ST Swift Turbo Bagless Upright. V-041S Everyday Turbo, V-042 Everyday Upright, V-040 Ultrixx Upright Vacuum Cleaner, V-041P Ultrixx Pet, V-060 Turboforce, V-060U Turboforce Ultra, V-060R Turboforce Reach, V-060P Turboforce Pet, V-060C Turboforce Complete, V-006 Turboforce, V-006N Turboforce, VS-19TLT Turboforce Lite, V-006U Turboforce Ultra, V-008T Performance Twin-Cyclonic, Vax V-008U Performance, V-008SP Performance Self Propelled.

Vax VX-1, VX-3, VEU-02 Essentials by Vax Bagless Upright, VEU-01 Essentials By Vax Bagless Upright.

V-075K Power Reach Bagged cylinder, V-100 Vax Pro, VEC-03 Essentials By Vax Bagged Cylinder, VZL-702 Performance Zero Bagless cylinder, V-094 Cadence, V-094TH Cadence, V-055 Swift, V-092 Everyday, V-062 Ultrixx Cobalt, V-053 Turboforce 2000, V-091 Performance, V-091X Performance, V-091PB Performance Pets vacuum cleaner, VX-2, V-064 Astrata, VAC-02 Astrata Pet Bagless Cylinder vacuum, VEC-02 Essentials By Vax Pet Bagless Cylinder, VEC-01 Essentials By Vax Bagless Cylinder.

V-033 Rapide Compact Portable spot cleaner, V-021 Rapide Spring carpet washer, V-021A Rapide Spring, V-022 Rapide Spruce, V-024 Rapide Classic, V-024A Rapide Classic, V-023 Rapide Supreme, V-025 Rapide carpet cleaner, V-026 Rapide Deluxe, V-026PT Rapide Deluxe Pre-Treatment, V-028PET Rapide PowerJet Pet, V-028M Rapide PowerJet, V-028 Rapide PowerJet Pro, V-028PT Rapide PowerJetPro Pre Treatment, V-027 Rapide XL, V-027PT Rapide XL Pro, V-027M Rapide XL Pre-treatment, V-027X Rapide XL Ultra, V-027Y Rapide XL Ultimate, V-027HT Rapide XL High Traffic, V-020 Wash Vax.

Vax 6131 multifunction cleaner, 6140 PetVax, 6151SX, 7131, VO-3000 Wet & Dry, VO-4000 Wet & Dry outdoor cleaner. V-081 Compact Steamer, V-081Y Compact Steamer.